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GoodCook Koffé Cold Brew Coffee Maker

GoodCook Koffé Cold Brew Coffee Maker


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Brew craft coffee at home with the GoodCook Koffe 1.5L Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This versatile brewer makes it easy to prepare evenly balanced, concentrated cold brew that is 65% less acidic than hot coffee. The large capacity allows you to brew multiple servings at once that can be stored in the fridge for use throughout the week. The full length stainless steel micro mesh filter fully saturates ground coffee and loose leaf tea to produce high quality concentrate, and the basket is easy to remove and clean once your coffee or iced tea is brewed. 

More Info
  • Produces 1.5 L of cold brew
  • Cold brew coffee is 65% less acidic than hot coffee
  • Can be used with ground coffee to brew cold brew, or loose leaf tea to brew iced tea
  • Heat and thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass carafe
  • Removable stainless steel mesh filter, so you can store your cold brew directly in the fridge once it has finished brewing
  • Carafe lid for easy storing
  • Compact size conveniently fits on most refrigerator shelves and side door compartments
  • Dimensions: 7.6" W x 5" D x 8.6" H
  • Use with ground coffee or tea
  • BPA Free plastic handle, frame and lid
  • Borosilicate glass carafe
  • Removable stainless steel mesh micro filter
  • Capacity: 12 cups (1.5 L)
  • Cold brew can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week
  • Made in China
  • Model #06765
How to Brew Cold Brew
  1. Grind your beans - use a coarse grind for best results.
  2. Pour the coffee into your mesh filter basket, cover securely with the cap and place into your carafe. 
  3. Fill the carafe with cold water until the basket is completely submerged. Swish basket around to stir grounds. 
  4. Cover carafe with lid and let brew for a minimum of 18 hours at room temperature.
  5. Once finished, remove your coffee grounds filter and store in the fridge for easy cold brew throughout the week. Enjoy chilled over ice, diluted with milk or water, or with your favourite sweetener.


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