Uniserve Plumbed-In Commercial Single Serve Brewer

  • Uniserve Plumbed-In Commercial Single Serve Brewer
  • Uniserve Plumbed-In Commercial Single Serve Brewer
  • Uniserve Plumbed-In Commercial Single Serve Brewer


Uniserve Plumbed-In Commercial Single Serve Brewer


Introducing the commercial grade unnerve brewer. Serviceable, reliable, and K-Cup compatible. This compact and sleek machine is less bulky than most commercial grade single serve brewers, and looks great in any environment. This machine features a plumbed in water line, so you never have to fill up a water reservoir, and can enjoy hot beverages at any time.

    • Compatible with all K-Cups. The Uniserve brewer has been purpose built to be compatible with all k-cup coffee brands. Ensuring an outstanding cup of coffee.

  • Never wait for another cup again! Under 45 second recovery time to optimal temperature. Keeps your cup full of your favourite k-cup beverage.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • No lukewarm beverages here! Steaming hot beverages up to 198 degrees at the touch of a button.

  • Built for commercial use but perfect for the home. High heat and bar pressure designed to extract the most from your coffee, provides an enhanced taste and overall experience.

  • Every cup. Every time. Superior made Japanese hot water pump built to last for years, keeping your commercial grade, serviceable brewer running consistently.

  • Energy saving. Save energy utilizing the energy saving option, featured on the Uniserve brewer.

  • Better than your average brand K-Cup brewer. Higher heat and bar pressure extracts the most from your coffee, providing a superior taste and experience.

  • Quality defined. South Korean manufactured brewer with Italian and Japanese components delivering the most reliable brewing system to the HOD and OCS market.

  • Compact power. Compact design to fit anywhere, without compromising performance.

  • Uniserve strong. Never cut the cord! Order the serviceable Uniserve Brewer with confidence. Major components easily serviced.

    • K-Cup capsule compatible

    • 3 bar pressurized brewing chamber

    • Commercial grade construction and contemporary styling

    • Commercial grade components sourced from Italy, Japan & South Korea ensure long life under the heaviest of use.

    • Serviceable/repairable (HOD / Warranty Repair)

    • Plumb-in directly to your water line

    • UL listed for commercial use

    • Eco mode: Adjustable sleep mode puts the unit to sleep after 1 hour or 3 hours of no use

    • Auto off: after 40 minutes in eco mode, brewer will shut off

    • Each brewing cycle concluded with 6 bar air cycle which clears the brewing chamber of excess hot liquid

    • Low water indication light

    • Highly efficient heating element will prime the unit from the off position in just 60 seconds, allowing you to enjoy endless cups without any wait time.

    • Hot tank: 1300W, 176F - 198F

    • Hot tank flow capacity: 4.3 gal / hr - 20 oz static capacity

    • Dimensions: 7.5 W x 12.6 D x 11.8 H

    • Life cycle: 15,000 cycles (of 6 oz cups)

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