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Americano Vs. Long Coffee Vs. Drip Coffee

Americano Vs. Long Coffee Vs. Drip Coffee

Are you an Americano drinker? Long coffee? Drip coffee? 

Do you know the differences between these similar but very different coffee styles? At the end of the day they are all just water that has been brewed through ground coffee beans... Or are they? 
We tasted these 3 ways of brewing "coffee" and compared the results. 
Most people have a preference between an americano, long coffee, and drip coffee, but do you know why it is your preferred way to drink your brew? 


An americano is espresso and hot water, poured separately into one mug (in that order too). If poured correctly this will result in a well rounded, bold, and flavourful cup of coffee. Espresso has crema on top, which is compressed coffee oils and CO2, and those flavours carry through with every sip. The nuances of the coffee beans origin can sometimes get lost in this style of brewing but it is nevertheless a delicious way to enjoy your espresso in a larger cup. Americano Vs. Long Coffee Vs. Drip Coffee

Long Coffee

Long coffee, long espresso, lungo... These are all the same style of brewing; pouring more water through the espresso to make a larger cup. This results in a softer, milder cup. Some automatic espresso machines have a "coffee" option in their beverage menu, and this often gets confused with drip coffee, so remember, if you are looking at an espresso machine that produces "coffee" it will still be espresso based.Americano Vs. Long Coffee Vs. Drip Coffee

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is the most common way we drink coffee here in Canada. Coffee beans are ground medium and brewed with a paper filter. This is probably what you think of when you hear "coffee". This style of brewing is flavourful, and the notes and nuances from the coffee bean really come through!  There is a reason this style is so popular. Americano Vs. Long Coffee Vs. Drip Coffee
For a more in depth look at the different flavours and taste profiles these three brewing methods produce check out the video below! 
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