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Brew Bucks Rewards Program


How to Earn

Earn 1 Brew Buck for every $1 Spent online

Earn 2 Brew Bucks for every $1 Spent In Stores 

Earn 30 Brew Bucks for reviewing a purchased item (max. 3 per month)

Earn 100 Brew Bucks for creating an account Earn 60 Brew Bucks for following us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (20 each) Earn extra Brew Bucks on select products

NEW! Refer a Friend

Referrals and the 5% off coupon are only valid with friends who have never made a purchase before through ECS Coffee, and valid on purchases $50 or more. When your friend makes a purchase and uses the coupon code, you'll receive 500 Brew Bucks! 
Note: Your friend must click the referral link you sent them to generate their coupon code!


Redeem Brew Bucks for $5 (500 points), $10 (1000 points) & $20 (2000 points) Off Rewards Celebrate your birthday month with a gift from us 2x Earn & 2x Spend Days
Email Newsletter subscribers get advanced notice for events Earn & redeem points at any store location and online
Cardless program - just sign up to begin earning points

 Note: Reward coupon codes are not applicable to coffee subscription orders. 

Brew Bucks VIP

Earn 1000 Brew Bucks in a calendar year to become a Brew Bucks VIP! Your VIP status will continue for the whole calendar year, as well as the following year. 

VIPs get all of the regular member benefits, plus:

50 Bonus Brew Bucks on beverage & coffee purchases (once per month) Exclusive early access to shop special sales events in advance + VIP only sales events
Receive a 10% Off coupon when you become a VIP member (one time use)


Already have an ECS Coffee account? Sign in to your account to get started with points. Don't have an ECS Coffee Account yet? Sign up for an account and activate your points!

If you are a customer who has shopped in store and would like to see your points balance online, you will need to create an online ECS Coffee Account. This will link your in store account to online, and will give you access to your points online. To create an account, visit our Sign up page and fill out the form. Be sure to use the email that you provided in store to create your account, or else the accounts will not link! If you have not provided us with an email, you will need to add the email to your in store account. Let the store staff know your email, and then you will be able to create your online account.

If you are missing points from a purchase or a review, please send an email containing the order # or receipt # from the order missing the points to webdesk@ecscoffee.com so we can look in to it.

To earn Brew Bucks for reviews, please note that you have to purchase a product on your account to be awarded points for the review. Reviewing individual products within a bundle, for example in store mix & match k-cups® or variety packs, does not count towards this. You can review the Mix & match pack or variety pack as a whole for points.

Ready to get started? Click the yellow Rewards popup on the corner of your page to check out Brew Bucks!

 Note: Reward coupon codes are not applicable to coffee subscription orders.

Terms and conditions apply to this program. Click here to see the terms and conditions.

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