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Caribbean Lemonade Tea Recipe

Taste the Caribbean with this sweet and delicious lemonade! The tropical taste of passion fruit paired with mango and kiwi will take you away to the islands in no time.

You can use any steeped tea of your choice for this recipe. We recommend steeping your own tea, or choosing an unsweetened tea concentrate. The Torani syrups add flavour and plenty of sweetness on their own. If you like a more refreshing taste, we would recommend steeping Tazo Zen Green Tea, with lemon grass and sweetness. If you like Starbucks green tea lemonades, this is the copycat tea base! For a bit more caffeine and a stronger, classic tea lemonade, we recommend Ela's Earl Grey, as it has a nice orange citrus zest that pairs well with this recipe.

Caribbean Lemonade Tea Recipe


1 tbsp (1/2 oz) Torani Passion Fruit Puremade Syrup

1 tbsp (1/2 oz) Torani Sugar Free Mango Syrup

1 tbsp (1/2 oz) Torani Kiwi Syrup

1/2 cup (4oz) brewed tea of choice, chilled

1/2 cup (4oz) lemonade



Steep 4 oz. tea of your choice in a temperature safe cup, and chill. Once chilled, combine chilled tea, lemonade and Torani syrups in a tall glass filled with ice and stir well. Enjoy!

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