Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Baratza Sette 270Wi Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


We are excited to introduce this new conical burr series that debuts a revolutionary new grinding technology. Designed and perfected in Liechtenstein over a period of 8 years, this technology sets a new standard in simplicity, efficiency, and durability. This new mechanism has the outer burr rotate and the inner burr is fixed, a truly revolutionary design. The design of this mechanism doubles the efficiency of similarly sized grinders. Coffee passes straight thru the grinder, vertically, and drops directly into the grounds bin or your portafilter.

What is the difference between the Sette 270Wi and the Sette 270?

The Sette 270Wi grinder was designed using the weighing technology of Acaia, giving precise and accurate weight based dosing, with the revolutionary ability to grind by weight directly into a portafilter, a first for the home espresso enthusiast! In addition, the 270Wi comes with Bluetooth capabilities designed to monitor, log and track grind sessions, weights and settings. A tool specifically made for the Sette for use by home enthusiasts, coffee shop and the barista.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Setting a new standard for coffee grinders, the Sette 270W features a built-in scale with ultra-fast 20ms response time and a 10th of a gram sensitivity.
  • The Sette has a macro/micro adjust for grind size, as well as 3 programmable settings for dosing. These combined features offers the user incredible repeatability.
  • A built-in convertible holder allows you to grind directly into your portafilter, the supplied grounds bin, or most of the popular brewing devices (Hario, Clever, Able Kone, AeroPress) a standout feature amongst all other home grinders.
  • Grounds bin is made from an anti-static plastic, with a moulded spout for easy pouring into your preferred brewing device.
  • The portaholder can accommodate any size of portafilter and includes an integrated hook for stability.
  • Using a combination planetary gear box and a patented crown gear drive system, we achieve a 19:1 speed reduction.
  • Manufactured in Liechtenstein, the 40 mm conical burrs grind coffee at 3.5g to 5.5 g/sec. depending on the setting. These burrs can do a very uniform grind, with a distinct lack of fines across its grinding range.
  • The conical burrs are durable and will remain sharp for many years. The mechanism provides for precision burr alignment ensuring accurate grinding.
  • The front mounted control panel with backlit LED display is user friendly.
  • Three programmable buttons allow for grind time setting within 0.1 second. Simply press the start button and the Sette automatically delivers precise dosing.
  • The Sette has a macro adjust of 30 steps, grinding from espresso to manual brew.
  • A stepless micro adjust with 9 indicators, allows the user to accurately dial in a perfect espresso.
  • The macro/micro mechanism is directly connected to the cone burr resulting in immediate and true grind adjustment.
  • The hopper holds approximately 300-400g of coffee. An innovative bean shutoff feature in the collar permits no-mess, no-fuss hopper removal for changing out beans.
  • A powerful, high torque DC motor drives the Sette. The circuitry is equipped with an automatically resetting, thermal cutoff switch.
  • The Sette Series is designed with a small footprint (like our other models) that fits under standard kitchen cabinets.
  • The cone burr is easily removable without tools, making cleaning very easy.

  • Model # 11270W.
  • Designed and engineered in Seattle, WA, USA
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • 40 mm conical burrs.
  • 10 oz (300-400 g) bean hopper capacity.
  • 5.5 oz (160 g) grinds bin capacity.
  • 5.1" W x 15" H x 9.5" D.
  • 120 V AC / 290 Watts / 50/60 Hz.

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