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Coffee Brew Guides: 5 Different Artisanal Coffeemakers

Artisanal Brew Guides Brewer Range
Start your morning with the perfect cup of coffee! Most of us start off the day hurried, preparing for the daily grind. And let's be honest – a bad cup of coffee can really ruin your day. We encourage you to take a few extra minutes to slow down and make a delicious cup of coffee, setting the tone for a positive morning and continued throughout your day.

We have created a collection of Brewing Guides to serve as a starting point for some of the most popular artisanal brewing methods. Keep in mind, the coffee grinder you use, the coffee beans you choose, and even the water you use, can have an effect on the taste. Play around with your selected brewer and coffee to water ratio to get each cup of coffee to match your taste.

Must-Haves For Making The Perfect Coffee At Home

  1. Coffee brewer: Finding the right coffee brewer can be tough with the wide selection of brewers and methods. We have focused our Brewing Guides around manual coffee brewers (AeroPress, Chemex, French Press, Hario & the Moka Pot). 
  2. Freshly roasted coffee beans: The coffee beans you choose are very important in delivering great quality and taste. Of course everyone has a preferred roast & flavour profile they enjoy, so we recommend learning more about the coffees that you try to know which roasts & regional beans you might prefer. But a great place to start for quality coffee is with freshly roasted beans. Fresher beans will contain more of the characteristics, nuances and complexities of the flavour profile, giving you a more flavourful cup. We carry a selection of locally roasted & imported whole bean coffees, and we also roast our own in house at our Ancaster & Burlington locations. Our I.XXI Coffee & Espresso is roasted in Burlington, and our Brewology coffee is roasted in Ancaster. Visit one of our stores or connect with us online, we will be happy to provide you with recommendations.
  3. Coffee grinder: Make sure you're using freshly ground coffee. We recommend storing your coffee beans in an airtight container and grinding only what you need for your daily brew - this will ensure your beans stay fresher longer, which helps in brewing a more flavourful cup! We recommend using a burr grinder because it delivers a more consistent grind size, allowing for a more even extraction and fuller bodied cup of coffee. 
  4. Mugs & Tumblers: Use a mug at home or work, and tumbler to take your coffee on-the-go. Either way, the drinkware you choose will complete your coffee experience! We have a great collection of mugs and tumblers to match your style.

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